About us

ALANYA HEP University through a high standard education system is determined in leading students to become the next generation of competent, broad-minded, ethical and responsible leaders who will contribute to the welfare of humankind.
The medium of instruction in ALANYA HEP is 100% English, it is essential for the incoming students to be able to read, write and speak English. Accordingly, The English Preparatory Program aims to provide students at different language proficiency levels with a knowledge of basic English so that they can develop and enrich their vocabulary, comprehend and react to what they hear and read; communicate and express themselves effectively in various academic, professional and social contexts.
Our Tourism Management department entails both theoretical and practical education. Undergraduates are given 30 ECTS credits each Fall and Spring semester and attend an internship program during their 2nd and 3rd year. Thereof graduate with extensive experience in the tourism industry. Graduates of our program graduate with a total of 240 ECTS credits and will be more than adequate in accordance to becoming the next generation of tourism managers. During our 4-year program (plus 1 year of English preparatory), with an exquisite staff, students are thoroughly taught all the aspects of the multi-dimensional tourism sector, including hotel management, restaurant management, food and beverage management, tourism planning, and destination marketing, travel agencies and tour operators. Within our program our students have the oppurtunity to focuss on general managerial functions such as, finance, accounting, human resources, management, marketing, with a specific focuss on tourism.  Further, within our curriculum, students can find the opportunity to learn more than one foreign language.
Graduates of the Department of Tourism Management are also in high demand by many hospitality and tourism enterprises and indisputably will acquire managerial positions in well-known international and national hotel chains, travel agencies, airline companies and other enterprises in the tourism industry and possibly manager candidtes in many other industries. Further, graduates who wish to continue their academic endeavors have the opportunity to enroll in a Master program and later to PhD programs.
Point Type: National Level University Entrance Examination*
Language of Instruction: Medium of instruction is 100% English
Education Period: One-year English preparatory class + 4 years
*For international student applications please contact Student Affairs.