At the end of the second academic year and at the end of the third academic year our students register for their practice education at their workplaces.  During the practice education, our students receive an applied training by working at a workplace determined by the Practice Commission, for 20 workdays each.  The students complete their practice educations after training at their varying workplaces. The practice education presents several fulfillments for all stakeholders; the sector, the students and the university. 

 Our students who have been studying at the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts can serve their internships at the following businesses operating in the sectorial area,
  • Four or five-star hotels and holiday resort managements,
  • Restaurants,
  • Product development units of food companies
  • Catering companies
Names of establishments for our students who are working during their practice semesters.
Seasons Restaurant (ALANYA)
Nox-Inn Hotel (ALANYA)
Blue Sky Hotel (ALANYA)
Hilton Garden Inn (İZMİR)
Belazur Hotels (BELEK)
Taç Premier (ALANYA)
Grand Zaman Beach Hotel (ALANYA)
Martı Hotel (MARMARİS)
Tapas Restaurant (ANTALYA)