Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture foresees students’ advance as individual in investigating trying to learn by exploring, versatile, intellectual flexibility, intellectual development by providing a prudential education of the students at the international level qualified. We aim to graduate architect who have the ability of questioning today's architecture of the city and the location, critical and creative thinking, understanding and interpretation of knowledge and skills developed, aware of general architectural issues.

Our department will give a contemporary architectural education which has increasingly diverse areas of expertise in line with technological developments and carries forward the new approach. Within this context, our target is to educate students who are environmentally sensitive, aware of the social and individual expectations, armed with ethical and aesthetic values, innovations and technological developments.

The curriculum emphasizes:

  • The development of the critical, analytical, interpretive and creative abilities that are essential to engaging and effectively addressing the diverse bodies of knowledge that define architecture’s realm and its practices  

  • The use of design thinking as a highly effective means for dealing with complex situations, and will ask students to respond to design issues and situations that are often in conflict through analysis, interpretation, reason, argumentation and proof with both precision and accuracy

  • The ability to analyze, interpret, organize, arrange and manipulate various bodies of knowledge,

  • Understanding and being able to apply appropriate methodologies.

With a multidisciplinary curriculum emphasizing technology, history and culture, students gain broad knowledge and skills in the management of the environmental, social, and aesthetic challenges of contemporary architectural practice. With opportunities for design workshops, international exchanges, and study travel, graduates of the Department of Architecture are well prepared for contribution to both international and local communities of architects and designers.

Our university is a 3 term of education will be implemented, each academic year, in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. All the students before graduation will join training 3 times as a result students will have 1 year of work experience in the university. Architecture students, before the first joint training practices they have to complete 5 semester of their education.

Given today's social situation, students in the Department of Architecture learn not only simply how to make buildings but also learn the advanced elemental technologies (planning, structure, design, and production) for ensuring the continued use of those buildings, for recycling building materials, and for regulating new construction going forward. Therefore, it is aimed in this department that students learn advanced skills (planning, structure, equipment and production) to create the new standard of architecture for the future.

Type of score: MF-4

Medium of instruction:100 % English

The Duration Of Education : One-Year English Preparatory + 4 Years (8 Terms+3 Training)
Our Mission
Our main goal is to educate highly motivated individual professionals who are capable of taking initiative in professional matters, skillful in teamwork, and equipped with research and design abilities in every scale in Turkey and abroad.  
 Our Vision
Being a modern institution, preferred in national and international academicals mobility, our department main vision is to develop the architectural awareness that would improve the quality of life. With the advantage of our social services and physical facilities, the department also provides the students with a modern teaching program and an academic environment with high national and international teaching staff.