About Us

This full-time, four year programme is a special higher education programme designed for future leaders in the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts profession. It is a careful balance of management skills and academic studies with the technical skills of the chef which is required in this challenging field. Management courses will give students a range of managerial skills to run their own business and also a high level of practical skills to allow the manager or chef to provide a unique culinary experience to their customers.
The medium of instruction in Alanya HEP University is English that will assist the graduates to work easily in multinational workplaces. Besides English, another foreign language course is integrated within the curriculum for the students to be multilingual graduates.
We offer a different curriculum and teaching approach, with our distinguished staff from leading universities. Our students will have a chance to do practical work (practice) in their fields during their undergraduate education. 20 workdays each by the end of second and third academic years, totally 40 workdays. Being a foundation university will provide us all the support from the local and regional employers and our students will graduate already with potential work experience that will open doors to them both in Turkey and abroad.
Our Gastronomy and Culinary Arts department integrates theoretical and training education with the practice education. The curriculum covers the four pillars of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts education which are; culinary skills, science, management and culture. In this program students will graduate with a total of 240 ECTS credits. Their knowledge and skills will be empowered with culinary techniques, Turkish and world cuisines, food hygiene, food safety, food science, nutrition science, menu planning, sensory analysis, accounting, service marketing, restaurant design, food and beverages management. Additionally students will have the opportunity to be specialized on subjects, depending on their interests, with elective courses such as bakery products, molecular gastronomy, chocolate world etc.
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program provides students with the ability to learn to prepare foods and to learn about food safety. Students learn how to make recipes as well as how to create their own. In the end, the graduates in accordance to their career goals, may continue their professional life as chef, executive chef, manager, R&D specialist, editor, writer, auditor, teacher, academician, entrepreneur and eventually they will be the founder of their own career.
Point Type: National Level University Entrance Examination  TS-2
Language of Instruction: Medium of instruction is English
Education Period: One-year English preparatory class + 4 years